maandag, Juni 17 2019

7 trends shaping the future of retail stores


Many innovative brands today can give us insights into what tomorrow’s brick and mortar stores will look like. This will involve a lot more tech and offer a range of new instore experiences for shoppers. As retailers continue to seek innovative ways to drive revenue, while improving the in-store customer experience (CX) the seven following trends can be expected to grow. 


The future will see an increase in what is known as “Just Walk Out” tech, enabling customers to walk into a store, pick up what they need and walk out without having to stand in line at the checkout. This will all be made possible thanks to computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion – software that combines data from different...

woensdag, Juni 12 2019

Omnichannel : de toekomst van klantenbinding

Digitalisatie daagt de traditionele manier van werken voor merken uit, terwijl technologische innovaties de informatie-uitwisseling tussen merken...

woensdag, mei 22 2019

België hinkt na amper 1 jaar GDPR al hopeloos achterop

België hinkt na amper 1 jaar GDPR al hopeloos achterop

De GDPR-databeschermingswet trad ten volle in werking op 25 mei 2018, exact één jaar...

dinsdag, mei 07 2019

[WHITEPAPER] : B2B E-commerce (ENG)



SQLI is GOLD partner at the SAP Festival

We're excited to be on the journey with SAP. On June 6th, 2019 SQLI will be present at the SAP Festival as Gold Partner. The SAP Festival is all about experiences: which business innovations lead you to the Intelligent Enterprise? Which technologies and platforms enable you to innovate?

Listen how innovation can take you to Mars, make you a world champion, save lives, and turn your company into a fabulous, future-proof, Intelligent Enterprise.

SQLI takes you on a journey with 2 speaker corners and 2 booths

With 9 areas from 48 speaker corners, 32 roundtables, 2000 attendees, 2 concerts and 15 food trucks, the SAP Festival is...

donderdag, maart 28 2019

SQLI Belux zoekt 50 nieuwe medewerkers

Ook in 2019 blijft SQLI volop uitbreiden.

SQLI BeLux werft aan, en hoe! Het bureau gespecialiseerd in digitale beleving en unified commerce is dit...

donderdag, november 08 2018

Turnover Q3 2018


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