15 octobre 2020

We are participating in the yearly
SAP Now LIVE conference

As an SAP Gold Partner we are proud to announce we are participating in the yearly SAP Now conference. This year the event takes place virtually, but will be equally engaging. 

What can you expect? 

SAP Now gives you eight weeks of compelling webinars with plenty of panel discussions, customer cases and business perspectives on 2021. SQLI shares its knowledge in four webinars concerning marketing, finance and e-commerce, all in an innovative way. Bringing you skilled speakers, interesting customers cases and years of expertise in the field, the event is guaranteed to be interesting for everyone who wants to digitally accelerate into 2021. 

Check out the agenda and register for the webinars you want to follow. The event is free and will be held through the SAP Now platform.



22/10 → Kick off - Deep Dive Discussion: Bridgestone - Ecommerce implementation in a B2B

We’re kicking things off with a deep dive discussion about e-commerce. Bridgestone decided to move from its existing sales solution Tyrelink, to a more efficient, user-friendly, and fully integrated e-commerce platform with new features and improved operational performance. Bridgestone needs a reliable, secure, and scalable platform at the heart of its online operations. Unfortunately, the legacy solution could no longer meet customer and employee expectations. Major improvements were required to the number of features, performance and user experience. A new SAP Commerce Cloud platform provided the answer.

The case will be brought by the customer itself, Bridgestone.

28/10 - Marketing automation is more than putting a platform

As we are rapidly evolving to a more digital 2021, we are slowly saying goodbye to the offline customer. E-commerce is rising and with that comes a whole new world of marketing automation to make it happen. Marketing automation allows you to use data to personalize your message, give it context and predict the need of your customers, leading to new leads and sales. Same customer, different channel: what do you need to change to reconnect with your customer through digital?

In this webinar SQLI will explain how we combine marketing expertise with technical expertise. We will suggest scenarios and show you how to implement them, allowing you to get the most out of your marketing solution. We will do the presentation based on real customer cases, so you will get an idea of what works for your business. 

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17/11- Simplify your withholding tax obligation C30B with an automated process


If you’re working as a company and you call on (sub)contractors who are active in the sector of construction, meat or security, you are bound by the requirements of the withholding obligation. The withholding obligation, also known as Article 30bis and 30ter, creates a lot of extra administrative work with a high risk of errors. So it not only costs you a lot of time, but it can also cost you a lot of money. 

At SQLI we have developed a software solution integrated in SAP specifically to relieve you of this time- consuming task. In this webinar we will talk you through the ins and outs of our software C30 bis and how it can be beneficial for you and your business. 

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08/12 → Integrate your Cloud solution with on-prem is a must today

As we talked about marketing automation in a previous webinar, we’re also going deeper on e-commerce. More and more companies are shifting towards cloud solutions but still struggle with the integration from on-prem to Cloud. During our webinar, we will tackle all you need to know about SAP CPI. The SAP cloud platform provides the exact solution to have a secure and robust environment for your e-commerce business. It will liberate customers from managing complex infrastructures, with inhouse development, to managing the implementation of business solutions using an open source approach.

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