Harmonised BI solutions to increase its performance

Multipharma launched an ambitious project with SQLI to optimise its reporting platform, with the implementation of a Business Intelligence solution, with the objective of reinforcing productivity and interactivity using reports, detailed data and new analysis methods.

This decisional tool represents a considerable improvement in terms of operational excellence. The 25 users can now work on the same tools with greater ease and communicate together in order to improve the company's performance and productivity.

"Thanks to the platform, we are more agile and can share information. We benefit from a greater analysis capacity. The scope is considerably wider. We can analyse our statistics to a much greater depth and see how items develop, by day and by store, etc. The possibilities are almost endless. I recognise SQLI's professionalism. Indeed, their conduct, expertise and knowledge of the product brought added value, both during the project and in their support afterwards. SQLI has become a strategic collaboration partner for all things BI."

Marijken Ottoy, Financial Controller, Multipharma

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