Monday 06 March 2017

WAX Interactive supports Lexus
with its lead generation campaigns

WAX Interactive set up two lead generation campaigns for Lexus, the famous luxury brand, owned by the Toyota Group. The focus for the first Facebook campaign was on the NX300h model, a premium crossover. The second one was for the CT200h model, the first compact hybrid car in the luxury segment. The aim of the campaigns was to increase the number of test drives at the dealers and to stimulate the sales of these models. 

Facebook, the ideal network for lead generation

Lexus asked WAX Interactive to realize the lead generation campaigns of which the aim was to increase the sales of two of its models, the NX300h and the CT200h. These campaigns were only ran on Facebook. WAX has thus the possibility to determine the right audience through optimized A/B testing. The aim of this targeting campaigns is no to generate a massive amount of leads, but rather to find leads of good quality.

The ads were tailor-made to echt audience. The text and images were adapted by taking into account the gender and professional status of the users, private or independant (in this case the tax benefits were highlighted). Through these Facebook ads interested prospect can fill in a simple form in which they also can indicate the dealer of their choice to organize a test drive.

Automatic integration with the Lexus  CRM system

The received data are integrated in the Lexus CRM system. One of the constraints of Facebook forms is that it is not possible to consult data outside the social network. WAX Interactive has thus developed a tool that enables the users to import these data into the Lexus database.

These data are automatically connected with the Sales Manager of the chosen dealer, who immediately is informed of the new opportunity and who can contact the potential customer to book a test drive. The time between the request and the first contact is significantly shorter, thanks to the direct connection between the CRM system and the social network. Moreover, Lexus will be able to use these data for future marketing campaigns.

The results are satisfying

Several new cars were sold after just a few weeks of campaign. Lexus is very satisfied about the results. The first campaign generated 200 high-quality leads in only two months. The second campaign generated 140 leads after just 3 weeks of campaign.

WAX Interactive also boosted the campaign just before the start of the Brussels Motor Show.

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