Thursday 27 July 2017

WAX Interactive Ghent continues
to grow in 2017

Bigger offices for a better support of its customers

WAX Interactive Ghent, SQLI’s digital marketing agency, recently moved to bigger offices, just a few hundred meters for the previous ones. This move was crucial to support the expansion of the agency. By the end of the year, the number of employees will have increased by 25 %. On top of that, WAX is in 25th position in the top 100 of digital marketing agencies in Belgium. A nice achievement, thanks to a well-thought shift from web agency to allround digital marketing agency. 

Moving to Huize Minne

WAX Interactive, a digital marketing agency and part of SQLI, the European group specialized in connected experience, recently moved to its new offices in Huize Minne. This move was crucial, as the agency continues to grow. “In the beginning of this year, we were 30 employees, by the end of 2017 we expect to be 40 staff members,” explains Brecht Malfait, Agency Director of WAX Interactive Ghent. To realize this increase in staff, WAX is in search of several digital profiles. “We are always recruiting. We ar mainly looking for experts in social media, community managers and experienced digital project managers.

Despite the fact that WAX Ghent is relatively small in comparison with some other digital players on the market, is isn’t a real disadvantage. Flexibility is key and the switch between several projects is easy to do. Because of the horizontal structure, employees have a direct relationship with the management. Thanks to several trainings, WAX employees can closely follow the newest trends and translate this knowledge in creative projects. “WAX Ghent is the only Belgian agency that is Drupal 8 certified,” explains Brecht, “furthermore, we also have employees who are Google AdWords certified. In total we hold 15 certificates, that is something we can certainly be proud of.

A continuous growth, despite the economic recession

Last years were not always easy in marketing and digital agencies had a though time due to economic recession. Nevertheless WAX was able to maintain its position. In 2016, it realized a growth of nearly 20 % and it is one of the strongest growers in Belgium. This was confirmed by a ranking list, issued by Digimedia earlier this year. WAX holds the 25th place and leaves some pretty impressive names behind. “We were able to maintain our position because we like to use a lot of creativity and we are always in search of new project approaches,” says Brecht.

This year, WAX Interactive could count Lexus, Toyota and Suzuki among its customers, for the creation of online marketing campaigns and lead generation. WAX even developed a new api for Lexus to link the CRM tool of the customer directly to Facebook and to update new data automatically. “Also in the food sector we have worked for some nice brands such as Elvea, Imperial, Maggi, Beefeater, Ibis en Sea Coast,” Says Brecht.

From web developer to allround marketing agency

When WAX Interactive was founded in 1999, its purpose was to only offer web development. 18 years later, WAX evoluated to an allround digital marketing agency. “A website alone isn’t enough anymore, today companies have to find the right mix of social media and other marketing tools.,” says Brecht. Social selling has become a hot topic. Through well-thought online marketing campaigns customers are connected to products and brands. It isn’t about the products only anymore. The purpose is to create brand awareness and to give customers a unique experience. “We notice that it is worth to invest in storytelling. It is not about the product anymore, but about the possibilities it can offer to the customer. Add the right emotions and you have an effective online campaign,” concludes Brecht.

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