Thursday 26 April 2018


An improved customer proximity thanks to a second team near Brussels

WAX Interactive, SQLI’s digital marketing agency, recently opened a second branch in Belgium. Next to the already existing office in Ghent, that increased with 25 % in terms of staff in 2017, the Brussels branch, will further support the expansion of WAX in Belgium. The aim of this new branch is to better serve customers and respond to the growing demands of services from companies in the center and the south of Belgium. 

WAX Interactive marks a continuous growth, supported by a complete service offering

WAX Interactive, a digital marketing agency and part of SQLI, the European group specialized in connected experience, recently opened a second branch in Diegem, near Brussels. This second branch is a crucial next step, as WAX Interactive maintains a steady growth.

“In Ghent, we had an increase of staff of nearly 25 % in 2017,” explains Pierre Thomas, Operations Director for the new Brussels branch. “And to better serve our customers in Brussels and the south of the country, we decided to open a second branch. This will increase proximity and allows us to further grow.”

Part of the unique positioning of WAX is its strong focus on the ROI generated from the created and managed campaigns for brands. Beyond creating brand awareness and product consideration, the real objective that drives all concepts is to generate sales, whether customers have an e-Commerce platform or sell their products through retail stores. “When we think about a social media strategy, we always define the associated KPIs and how it will allow the customer to reach its business objectives.”, says Pierre.

Furthermore, thanks to SQLI, WAX’ mother company, the agency is capable of offering its customers a wide range of marketing solutions. “WAX Interactive is specialized in digital marketing. Thanks to the synergy with SQLI, we do not only offer digital marketing projects, but also marketing automation platform implementations,” explains Pierre. 

From web developer to an agency specialized in digital marketing and customer experience

When WAX Interactive was founded in 1999, its purpose was to only offer web development. 18 years later, WAX evoluated to an allround digital marketing agency with two branches in Belgium. Customers understand that a website alone isn’t enough anymore. Today companies have to find the right mix of social media and other marketing tools. Social selling has become a hot topic.

Through well-thought online marketing campaigns customers are connected to products and brands. It isn’t about the products only anymore. The purpose is to create brand awareness and to give customers a unique experience. It is worth to invest in storytelling. It is not about the product anymore, but about the possibilities it can offer to the customer. Adding the right emotions becomes crucial to create an effective online campaign.

Last years were not always easy in marketing and digital agencies had a though time due to economic recession. Thanks to the complete mix of digital marketing offers, WAX was able to maintain its position and even to further grow.

“We can say that we have a strong experience in the automotive sector and food and beverage industry,” says Pierre. WAX even creates recipes from scratch and posts short videos of the preparation process on social media. This is the ideal way to inspire people and to increase brand loyalty.

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