Thursday 27 July 2017

Pizza Hut and food bloggers collaborate
to create new pizzas

WAX Interactive inspires and accompanies the creation of new recipes

WAX Interactive and Pizza Hut Belgium collaborated last few months several famous food bloggers in search of a new pizza recipe. Friday June 23, these food bloggers presented their pizza creation during a ‘pizza workshop’. The winning recipe will be on the menu later this year.

Pizzas from all over the world

WAX Interactive took the initiative and invited some food bloggers to think about new pizza recipes. Each blogger was given a destination for inspiration: New York, Italy, Greece, Mexico and India. With the typical ingredients of each of these places, they started working on a new pizza recipe. On Friday June 23, the five food bloggers presented their creation in front of a professional Pizza Hut jury during the “pizza workshop”. Besides this, WAX created a campaign in which customers could search for their favourite holiday destination on and win the trip of their dreams. Five finalists were linked to the bloggers, based on their favourite destination.

At the heart of the food industry

For a brand like Pizza Hut, it is extremely important to follow the newest and most innovating food trends in the food sector. Trends come and go very fast and food bloggers are always on top of things. That is why it seemed interesting to involve them in the process of the creation of new pizza recipes,” tells Chantal Hanot, Marketing Director for Pizza Hut Belgium.

The jury elected the Mexican pizza recipe, created by Manon Van Aerschoot (food blog “Macaron Manon”) as the winner during the “pizza workshop”. She wins a trip to Mexico, offered by Connections. “It was quite a challenge, but it is awesome for me that an international brand, such as Pizza Hut wants to be inspired by food bloggers. We’re following new trends and it is nice if we can work together with international companies,” says Manon.

Manon’s Mexican pizza recipe will be launched at Pizza Hut Belgium on August 29 and will be available during two months. Take a look at the aftermovie:



A list of the participating food bloggers

WAX Interactive, expert when it comes to food marketing

WAX Interactive is specialized in the creation of creative marketing campaigns for brands in the food sector. This expertise exceeds just the creation of online campaigns. Like for Pizza Hut, WAX doesn’t only try to create brand awareness, but also strives to create emotions, bring together customers around a brand and provide them with a unique experience. WAX also accompanies other well-known brands, such as Elvea, Maggi (groep Nestlé), Chavroux, Belorta, Lima Bio Food, Imperial, Inex, Hépar (groep Nestlé), Jameson, Beefeater, etc. 

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