Tuesday 28 February 2017


Liege Airport, one of the main airports in Belgium, with a total of 300.000 passengers per year and more than 660.000 tons of cargo, turned to SQLI to improve its customer experience and to gain better insights in the needs of its customers. SQLI will integrate and manage the roll-out of the SAP Hybris Cloud solution (C4C and Marketing). With this solution, Liege Airport will be able to adapt airport info to the customer’s needs and have a clear 360° view on all customers to improve interaction through all existing digital channels of today. This will allow the airport to offer its customers a better service and an improved experience. A go-live of the project is planned for April 2017. 

Important challenges for a solid future

The digital era revolutionizes the way airports operate today. Liege Airport has understood this very well and has decided to become a customer-centric organization. It thus distinguishes itself from the competition by its ability to gain early insights into the needs of its customers and come up with solutions that exactly meet those needs. To achieve this, SQLI has started with the integration of SAP hybris Cloud. This solution, which will aggregate data generated by customers and airport actors, will allow Liege Airport to have a 360° view on each of them. This is important, as it will be possible to identify and understand these actors and offer them a personalized service.

Quality data to target the right audience

To generate the right output, the quality and reliability of the data need to be high. SAP hybris Cloud collects massive amounts of high quality data that are generated by airport customers through several digital channels.

 The advantages for Liege Airport by using SAP hybris Cloud are numerous:

  • Direct access to all B2B and B2C customer info
  • Real-time management of data
  • A better detection of opportunities, complaint management and request follow-up
  • A profound definition of all different customer profile types for B2B and B2C
  • Creation of marketing campaigns adapted to the needs of each customer with personal content creation and multichannel and multiwave campaigns.

But there are also benefits for the customers:

  • A personal and customer-centric approach
  • A better service thanks to a better account management
  • A faster service in terms of offer and contract management for B2B customers

SAP and SQLI, partners for over 20 years

Liege Airport decided to work with SQLI, because of its experience with customers in the airport business such as Aéroports de Paris and Geneva Airport and its thorough knowledge of CRM implementation projects. SQLI also is a European SAP partner for over 20 years, with a dedicated team of CRM consultants. The SAP Hybris Cloud solution is a SaaS solution of the latest generation and allows its end users to execute their work independently and with all the comfort they expect. It comprises an already large basis of standard functionalities and can be tailored to the specific needs of each user.

By orchestrating a complete customer engagement approach through the SAP Hybris Cloud solution, the Liege Airport will be able to capture customers in B2B & B2C but also all the information around the airport’s actors through different channels. This enables them to personalize the offer and to increase the traffic and the level of service to the end customer.

Daniel Sluysmans, IT Manager at Liege Airport:The CRM project is essential for Liege Airport, as it supports a customer oriented strategy. It is part of the ongoing digital transformation. SQLI helps us to succeed, thanks to their expertise, by delivering an endproduct, which consists out of SAP hybris Marketing and C4C, that answers our needs. Because of this, we’ll have a stable base for the future and we can improve the quality and efficiency of our services towards our customers in B2B and B2C.

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