Thursday 23 June 2016

SQLI Thursday - Trends and innovations in digital transformation
Free breakfast event

Will Artificial Intelligence and Bots take over customer interaction?

Do you remember when the first mobile phones became available? It was the start of a new era, a huge change in the way we use communication  in everyday life. Today, nobody is surprised  about the possibilities of the smartphone any longer, simply because it has become normal. For companies it is an ideal medium to reach their audience. But, will we still use our smartphone in the same way in a few years? And, isn’t there a better and faster way to keep in touch with customers?

SQLI Le LAB, the innovation department of SQLI, attends all major tech events around the globe. During this SQLI Thursday they will reveal the newest trends in customer interaction.

-     Will apps still exist in a few years?
-     How can Artificial Intelligence improve customer interaction?
-     Can automated Bots increase your marketing performance?
-     Can these Bots also decrease your customer service costs?

We will answer these questions by showing you stunning examples of what is possible with Artificial Intelligence and Bots. We will explain how you can get ready to interact with the customer of the future. Don’t miss out on this breakfast event, filled with innovation and future proof digital solutions. Because it is always better to stay one step ahead.

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