Thursday 08 March 2018

just go for it!

S/4HANA is your platform of the future. Should you be afraid of a migration? Certainly not! And do you know why? Because S/4HANA is setting the new standard as one of the most evolved business platforms ever.
SQLI Luxembourg organizes a breakfast event that is ideal to discover S/4HANA in general and to learn more about a migration, a greenfield implementation and the new and improved functionalities. Of course, it won’t be all theory. Sales-Lentz recently decided to start its S/4HANA roadmap. During this session, you’ll find out more about this innovative project.
And there is more. SQLI recently launched a pre-configured platform that combines the force of a business platform with Hybris Commerce. This will improve customer engagement and optimize the internal processes of your company.

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  • The Sales-Lentz S/4HANA project
  • the improved functions for each business department
  • how S/4HANA can make the everyday job of your SAP users better
  • the real added value that they will experience
  • how to set up a framework
  • how to define a roadmap for a migration or a greenfield implementation

No need to say that this session is a must for every decision maker who has efficiency and performance as a top priority. S/4HANA will surprise you and every other SAP user!

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