Thursday 06 June 2019

SAP Festival: Journey to an intelligent enterprise

SQLI takes you on a journey with 2 speaker corners and 2 booths

With 9 areas from 48 speaker corners, 32 roundtables, 2000 attendees, 2 concerts and 15 food trucks, the SAP Festival is packed with adventure. And you can be a part of it!

The keynote speakers for this edition will be Tom Raftery, Adriana Marais,Shane McLeod, Timo Elliot and Vincent Vanasch. But that's not all. As Gold Partner, SQLI will be there too with 2 speaker corners and 2 business changers. 

We have a lot to tell, being experts in the field of digital transformations on the journey to intelligent enterprises: aside from a case on customer experience, you'll hear about complex products, combining commerce, marketing and CRM as well as some insights into the B2B vs B2C behaviour.

It's clear that the journey is about to take off and you can jump right aboard!

Will we see you there?

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