Thursday 30 September 2021

Breakfast Sessions 30/09
Ready to master your Field Service Management

Boost your technicians efficiency with SAP!

Want to cut field service costs but also increase customer satisfaction? Only one solution: Field Service Management (FSM) by SAP. Learn how to provide an effortless, proactive service experience with this cloud-based solution during our breakfast session and empower your technicians.  

FSM connects the entire field service management value chain with innovative technology and deep understanding of customer needs and optimizes the process through 7 fields: 

  1. Planning: FSM Planning Dashboard offer intuitive features with Drag and Drop functionalities 
  2. Mobile access: digital access with no paperwork afterwards 
  3. Self-service: allow your customer to book appointment through your portal, lowing down your call center workload
  4. Reporting: opportunity to analyze the way of working of the technicians in order to spot trends and to improve the overall customer service 
  5. Communication & feedback: improve resolution time, secure quality by dynamic checklists and improve transparency between technicians and customers by sharing data 
  6. Connected objects: take your customer service to the next level by reducing and preventing interventions 
  7. Crowd Service: team expansion and operational maximization

You will learn: 

  • How SAP FSM helps you to manage your technician's planning through an easy to use graphical dashboard 
  • To discover embedded SAP FSM Mobile solutions to support on field service performance 
  • To increase your customer satisfaction with efficient planning and regular communication  
  • How easily the SAP FSM solution is integrated to your SAP backend environment 
  • SAP FSM Self-Service portal: easy and straightforward management of field service requests through your digital customer access 

Ready to master SAP FSM together? Join us on our event or webinar 30/09 for a business talk with our experts!  

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DATE: Thursday, September 30th 2021


  • 8:30: Welcome + breakfast
  • 9:00: Start of the session
  • 11:00: End of meeting


SQLI - Lambroekstraat 5C, 1831 Diegem

Not possible to attend our event?
You can also join via webinar.

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