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At SQLI, we believe that it's essential to create an environment that fosters the expression of talent, the development of skills and individual progress within the Group, all for the benefit of our customers.


We firmly believe that a company’s sustainable performance is built over time, by favoring the development of its employees and encouraging them to go that extra mile. That's why at SQLI, we believe that it's essential to create an environment that fosters the expression of talent, the development of skills and individual progress within the Group, all for the benefit of our customers.

Our values, which are based on strong human qualities such as respect for others, team spirit, open and genuine communication, determination and enjoying ourselves at work, help to encourage our employees to get involved, feel free to try new things, suggest new ideas and see things in a new light.



In addition to regular appraisal interviews, we attach a great deal of importance to maintaining direct and authentic lines of communication between employees and managers, allowing each individual to freely express his or her ideas and convictions. At SQLI Belux, we have a horizontal hierarchy, allowing our collaborators to be in direct contact with the management. This creates a healthy dialogue and increases the involvement of our collaborators within the company.

We encourage further exchanges of information through our company's social networks and Microsoft Office 365 cloud environment and communicate by means of frequent newsletters, team meetings and seminars. 


Performance follow-up and career development

SQLI organizes regular project evaluations with the concerned project managers and consultant. By doing this, we make sure that we keep the quality of our projects at a high level and that we can listen to the staff to meet additional needs. These evaluations are of course on top of the mid-year and yearly reviews. At the beginning of every year, each employee receives a clear expectation framework, together with well-defined objectives, adapted to the seniority level. This ensures the best possible development on an individual basis and gives every employee the chance to grow, both in terms of project execution and personal skills.

Training: a wider range of options

In order to remain on the cutting edge of technology and new practices and to enable our employees to keep their expertise up-to-date in light of new market developments, we have made available a wide range of high-quality training programs (technology, methodology, regulatory training, behavioral training, certifications, etc.) as well as specific programs for different profiles. On top of that, SQLI encourages its employees to obtain official SAP certifications and to follow trainings, organized by SAP, related to the HYBRIS suite and the S/4HANA platform.


SQLI, more than just work

At SQLI, we think it is important to do things together, besides working. That is why we organise multiple events to get to know each other better, to transfer knowledge, and sometimes just to have fun!

On a regular basis, we organise:

  1. General meetings with content presentation and close strategy & company performance monitoring
  2. Training and knowledge corners sessions
  3. SQLI After works events, such as a summer event and an end of year party
  4. SQLI On the Move Events, these are after work activities, organized by the staff itself. In 2016 there was paintball, a cooking class, bubble football, etc.
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Our values

Creative Spirit

Our creative spirit is part of who we are. It’s not characterised by invention or disruption alone – it applies to any original way of doing things – any unique result that any of us come up with, regardless of their area of speciality.

At SQLI, our creative spirit is intrinsically linked with openness to others, originality and team spirit, because creativity is not a solitary exercise – it is born of the stimulating cross-fertilisation of our skills and experiences. It is nourished by exchange and is enriched by the sharing of ideas.

At our company, creativity is a source of satisfaction and joy. Bolstered by a collective dimension, it results in a shared sense of achievement.


We place high importance on commitment in our daily actions, to the meaning we give our work and the responsibility that each of us takes on.

What characterises a SQLI employee is their full and complete involvement in what they do every day – their commitment to everyone creates solid relationships based on respect.

At SQLI, we are also committed to our clients, who are central to our focus; it is related to our spirit of service, to our constant desire to imagine and provide better solutions.

Forward Thinking

Forward thinking is the ability to anticipate – to think further towards the future. At SQLI, forward thinking is rooted in our employees’ know-how and experience. It is by harnessing the skill and expertise of all that the Group can plan for the future and decipher trends, emerging technologies and new uses.

Our forward thinking is also nourished by the audacity of our business culture, where taking initiative and trying new things are valued. In this way it is linked with our creative spirit.

Forward thinking allows us to set the legitimate and brave ambition of continuous growth and development, for ourselves and our clients, which brings our teams together around a shared vision and provides everyone with an opportunity to excel.


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